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Are Hosted VoIP Law Firm Phone Systems
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One of the major overhead items for law firms is their telecommunication expenses. CIT’s hosted VoIP law firm phone systems provide enterprise features at an expense that scales with your practice.

The average firm will save between 20% to 60% of their monthly expense compared with traditional telecom solutions. Hosted VoIP (Voice over IP) bypasses much of the traditional telephone network eliminating most of the traditional fees.

Whether you have one attorney or one hundred CIT’s hosted VoIP law firms phone systems provide critical features such as call waiting, three-way calling, caller ID, “Find Me”, “Follow-Me”, call transfer, forwarding and recording at affordable prices.

Virtual Receptionist

Your law firm will get judged by the first impression it makes, and a phone call is often a legal practice’s first point of contact.  CIT offers two virtual receptionist options to ensure your law firm makes the right first impression.

Record a professional custom greeting with our automated attendant and let incoming callers use the menu to reach the right attorney or practice area. Or, use a live virtual receptionist to provide a more personal level of care and create an image of a larger law firm while sharing the cost with multiple firms.

No matter the option you choose, clients will always feel they are dealing with a well established legal practice.


Save Up to 60% over Traditional Telephony Solutions

Attorney Mobility using VoIP Phone Systems

Attorney Mobility

It’s not unusual for attorneys to be out of the office at court or meeting with opposing council, and this can make reaching them a challenge. With CIT’s hosted VoIP law firm phone systems attorneys can choose to have all calls directed to their mobile device, setup a schedule for where calls should ring, or let callers use the “Find Me” or “Follow Me” features to locate them.

When your not available callers can leave a message that is immediately forwarded to your email. With CIT’s hosted VoIP phone systems there really is no reason to miss another call.

Call Recording

Call recording can provide a law firm with enhanced legal protection, and help to ensure accuracy. This is why it is seen as one of the top benefits of our hosted VoIP phone service for law firms.

CIT offers two call recording options, which are tailored to fit variable sizes and structures of legal firms. CIT’s call recording feature can be implemented on a firm wide basis or on-demand allowing each attorney to start and stop recording on their own extension with a simple keystroke.

Many firms use firm wide recording to assist in training new hires and improving the performance of existing employees in handling phone calls.

Legal considerations for call recording

Advanced Phone Features for Law Firms
Expense Management for Law Firms

Accounting & Billing

To effectively run a legal practice you’ll need to account for time spent on each client. CIT’s hosted VoIP phone systems offer a robust suite of web based reports that can be used to assemble this information.

Our analytics provide historical and real-time information on all calls made through our hosted VoIP phone systems for law firms. CIT will provide the call detail records you need to ensure all time is billed appropriately and a full audit trail is maintained.

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