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Business Security System Cameras

There are literally hundreds of options for video surveillance cameras to support your business security systems. Choosing the right IP cameras depends on many factors including the area to be covered and lighting conditions.

CIT carries a wide range of business security systems IP cameras from industry leaders. More importantly, we’ll provide business security systems specialists to review your business needs and configure the right solution. We’ll analyze lighting issues, visual obstacles and access points and make a recommendation based on your specific needs because you need a solution not just a camera.


HD Video Recording & Playback

Effectively monitor business security systems video, audio and data in real time. Create a video wall to view all your cameras simultaneously.  Interact with visitors you see on camera with two-way audio.

View video from your business security systems anywhere you have internet access. Reduce review time and conduct investigations seamlessly with powerful thumbnail, timeline and list search features. Bookmark important video to easily view later and export video into industry standard formats. Our systems also integrate many retail and access control systems.

door access control systems

Door Access Control Systems

CIT carries ISONAS industry leading Panel-free, IP proximity card reader-controllers. ISONAS readers feature the ability to sense if a door is open or closed and process user requests for entry or exit.

ISONAS readers enable intelligent management of door access by your security personnel. We’ll program initial access control instructions to your security policies. Card reader will then process all the commands per those instructions. Access can be changed and maintained by authorized users anywhere at any time via your company network.

ISONAS reader-controllers offer a state-of-the-art security solution – one that will automatically switch from network mode to stand-alone mode should the network become unavailable for any reason – without the need to communicate to the software.

business security systems
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