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Physical Security

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physical security
physical security
physical security
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Protect Your People & Assets
Physical Security

CIT designs and deploys physical security systems that improve the safety and security of your business employees, premises, and physical assets. Strategically aligned with top manufacturers, CIT ensures the highest level of protection and support.

Accelerate Physical Security Transformation

Physical security is undergoing a digital transformation. Organizations are accelerating their adoption of security technologies to protect business assets and provide expanded business value. The technology evolution is allowing companies to leverage next generation analytics to provide a robust platform for securing both physical and intellectual assets.

access control systems

Access Control Systems

CIT’s access control systems include integrated readers, doors controllers, gates, turnstiles, and more to create secure points of entry.

security cameras

Security Cameras

Modernize your building by integrating video surveillance with secure points of entry to gain complete situational awareness.

environmental sensors

Environmental Sensors

Extend situational awareness with sensors that monitor atmospheric conditions, audio signatures, and use advanced analytics to uncover threats.

Physical Security Services

Having proper security in place can make a huge difference in keeping your business and data safe. CIT handles all phases of physical security solutions from assessments, layout, configuration, installation, maintenance, inspections, and testing with our local service and support team. Our services include:

Physical Security Assessments

During CIT security assessments, our security experts tour your facilities and grounds, interview key stakeholders, observe operations, evaluate existing and planned security, identify vulnerabilities, and make improvement recommendations.

Physical Security Design

From hardware and software recommendations to floor plans that specify the ideal placement and requirements for cameras, controllers, and sensors, CIT will design a completely new security system or make recommendations for enhancing existing security.

Cameras & Sensors Deployment

Whether it is a corporate office, school, hospital campus, government building, or any space requiring security implementation, CIT security system installers will plan and deploy IP-connected cameras, door controllers, sensors, conduit, and cabling indoors and outdoors.

Installation & Training

As video surveillance systems become more powerful, they also become more complex. Knowing how to operate a system can make the difference between success and failure. CIT’s knowledgeable team will train your personnel to ensure optimal system performance.

Local Support

CIT’s support goes beyond technical and onsite break/fix services for security components and solutions. With CIT, you get a highly responsive local support team that treats your business security like our own. Regardless of system size, your business is a priority.

physical security

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Benefits of Physical Security Systems

Security systems for businesses range in complexity from simple to fully integrated designs that include access control, video surveillance, and a network of sensors. As a result, the benefits of these security a differ. Regardless, most commercial security solutions will achieve the following benefits.

Respond Faster to Security Breaches

Receive entry alerts in real-time for all types of physical security threats like a door being left ajar, an unauthorized entry attempt, a forced entry, and more and respond faster to them.

Give Employees & Customer A Sense of Security & Safety

Nearly one-third of workers don’t feel safe at work, which can take a toll on productivity and office morale. Providing security for your customers is equally important. Security systems help ease this concern and provide a sense of safety.

Increase Productivity

Studies show employees who are monitored increase and improve productivity. Installing security cameras leads to less wasted time, and employees on their best behavior. While making your employees safer, you also get a gain in productivity.

Restrict Access to Sensitive Areas

Access control systems allow employees to work flexible hours without the need for managers to come in early or stay late to unlock doors. These systems also control access to areas within the building to ensure unsupervised employees stay in designated work locations. An added bonus of access control systems, is a log of employee comings and goings which lets management track work hours and prove compliance.

Protect Your Business Assets

Thieves are interested in easy targets where they can steal something without being noticed or seen. They target businesses without security systems because they know they can easily get away with the crime. However, a commercial security system deters theft, makes your business premise harder to breach, alerts management to any breaches in real-time, and provides evidence should any of your business assets go missing.

Create A Visual Deterrent

Security cameras should not only capture crimes, but also to reduce them. The correct placement of commercial security cameras can deter criminal activity. With security cameras in clear view of criminals they often reconsider their behavior.

Ensure Compliance

One of the benefits of physical security control systems is they usually include reporting and audit trails of the activity in your building. This data is crucial in supporting quarterly and annual compliance audits.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

One of the benefits of physical security control systems is they usually include reporting and audit trails of the activity in your building. This data is crucial in supporting quarterly and annual compliance audits.

Physical Security
Frequently Asked Questions

Physical security is the protection of employees and business assets and premises from crime (i.e., burglary, theft, vandalism, etc.) and other hazardous events including fire, flood, natural disasters, and terrorism.

Physical security systems use cameras, access control systems, and sensors to deter, detect, and slow intruders as they attempt to enter secure rooms or facilities.

Physical security’s main objective is to protect the assets and facilities of the organization. Physical security safeguards employees while at work and deters theft of valuable business assets.

  1. Minimum Security. Minimum Security Systems are developed to obstruct some unauthorized external activities.
    Low level Security.
  2. Low level security systems are security systems that obstruct and detect some unauthorized external activities.
  3. Medium Security. Are security systems that obstruct and detect some unauthorized external activities.
  4. High Level Security. Are security systems that obstruct, detect and evaluate most unauthorized internal activities and mot unauthorized external activities.
  5. Maximum Security is intended to impede, detect, assess, and neutralize all unauthorized external and internal activity.

The three most important components of a physical security are access control, video surveillance, and environmental sensors and monitoring which work together to make your space more secure.