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Managed IT Services Healthcare

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insurance IT support
insurance IT support

Managed IT Services Healthcare

Collaborative cloud technologies, mobile solutions, and optimizing IT are imperatives in today’s competitive healthcare environment. To keep up, healthcare providers are enlisting the help of local managed IT services healthcare. These service providers must ensure their services meet strict compliance requirements (e.g., PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.).

CIT is an experienced healthcare solutions provider offering unified communications, network infrastructure, physical and cyber security, and audiovisual services and support. We’re familiar with the compliance requirements of healthcare, and our people and services ensure they are met.

Healthcare Phone Systems

CIT’s hosted healthcare phone systems provide essential voice services that are compliant with HIPAA regulations and offer high reliability and security while helping lower telecom costs. With a rich feature list that is simple to configure and manage, our healthcare phone systems can improve your response time to patient calls and increase staff productivity.

CIT’s healthcare communications solutions will allow you to create superior patient experiences. CIT designs and deploys compliant communication solutions to ensure success and accelerate change and growth.

managed it services healthcare
managed it services healthcare

Network Infrastructure

Hospitals and large-scale healthcare providers depend on networks that allow information to flow freely, accurately, and reliably. This network infrastructure ensures patients get better care.

CIT develops wired and wireless solutions to healthcare’s unique challenges. These include better patient outcomes, higher operations efficiencies, and regulatory compliance. Our connectivity solutions enable healthcare providers to meet these challenges and exceed their expectations.

CIT’s healthcare network infrastructure services include future-ready copper and fiber-structured cabling, super-efficient Wi-Fi networks, and 5G-ready, in-building cellular platforms.

Physical Security

Healthcare providers store and handle patient records every day and must adhere to HIPAA laws to keep them safe. They must also ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive data, business assets, medications, and staff and patients.

Access control systems and video surveillance are crucial in keeping facilities, patients, and records safe and secure. Controlling access to sensitive areas to secure drugs and medical equipment and limiting access to maternity wards and intensive care units to only authorized personnel is crucial. Using video surveillance while still protecting Personal Health Information (PHI) and complying with HIPPA requires experience beyond the average service provider.

CIT has healthcare experience and is a leading provider of access control systems and video surveillance solutions. CIT secures healthcare facilities and ensures the safety of patients and records while meeting all healthcare compliance regulations.

healthcare managed security services
healthcare managed security services


Innovative technologies are opening the door to better treatment, productivity, and communication within healthcare facilities, and most providers are using them to drive towards a value-based care model. The pace of digital transformation in this sector creates a risk of losing sight of the continuing effort to secure resources, ensure privacy, and avoid network overexposure.

CIT is WatchGuard’s premier partner in Michigan, and we’re well-positioned to secure your digital assets and help you evolve securely. This includes securing new IoT devices, preventing ransomware, facilitating the move to telemedicine, and more.

Healthcare Audio Video Support

CIT provides a wide range of healthcare AV services and solutions, including virtual and onsite audiovisual solutions. CIT offers healthcare AV to optimize workflows, enhance patient experiences, and improve education.

Our expert healthcare IT support technicians design, install, and seamlessly integrate healthcare AV technology to provide medical professionals with innovative visual communications to provide the best possible care for their patients.

managed it services healthcare