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School IT Support

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School IT Support

With new technologies, teachers are creating the next generation of learning experiences for students. To support these unique experiences, many schools need to update their IT infrastructure. The safety of both students and staff is also causing schools to modernize access controls and security camera systems, and seek out better school IT support.

CIT has been providing school IT support in Detroit Metro area for over 30 years. We’re a family-run business with a reputation for being knowledgeable, reliable, and friendly.

School Phone Systems

From K-12 through post-secondary, today’s schools are under unprecedented pressure to deliver enhanced support to students, staff, and parents. At the same time, the administration is being asked to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. These challenges are not surprising given the growing number of public, private, and charter schools switching from conventional landline school phone systems to hosted cloud systems.

CIT’s hosted school phone systems are the perfect match for schools seeking to improve their communications. CIT designs and deploys school phone systems for all grade levels and higher education institutions.

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School Network Infrastructure

The surge of devices used by K–12 students and new IoT devices is putting a strain on school district networks. Students and staff are frustrated with constant connecting and waiting for network response issues. The lack of adequate bandwidth disrupts classroom instruction making it difficult for teachers to communicate effectively. Students also require the same level of access to follow along and complete coursework.

CIT’s network infrastructure services can increase your bandwidth so you can take advantage of technology today and in the future.

School Physical Security

Schools facing challenges such as violence or vandalism on campus find school security systems indispensable in controlling access and identifying and resolving issues as they arise. A properly installed physical security system is an essential tool for ensuring safety on school grounds and in administration areas.

CIT offers door access and security camera systems to help keep schools safe and secure. CIT security experts conduct on-site surveys to determine the ideal type and placement of cameras and sensors. CIT designs solutions, including recommended hardware and software, and floor plans, that specify new device locations. 

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School Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has seen an increase in malicious activity with ransomware attacks against K-12 educational institutions. Malicious cyber actors are targeting school computer systems, slowing access, and rendering the systems inaccessible to essential functions, including remote learning. In some instances, ransomware actors stole and threatened to leak confidential student data unless institutions paid a ransom.

CIT offers all-in-one solutions to address all your school’s cybersecurity needs. CIT & WatchGuard deliver best-of-breed cybersecurity offerings that are easy to deploy and administer, and this has fueled mainstream adoption within education.

School Audiovisual

There is a clear trend towards more technology in the classroom. Schools are moving away from a dedicated teacher at the front of the room to a more collaborative style of learning. Today’s students value technology for sharing ideas and information inside and outside of classrooms. Projection and flat-panel technologies are becoming far more commonplace in schools to support this new style of learning, and they are also becoming more affordable.

CIT offers all the latest audiovisual solutions for educators.

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