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Cellular Failover: How to protect your small business

November 9, 2018



Do you need a cellular failover solution to ensure internet and business continuity? Put another way, what happens if your business loses its internet connection? Will you be able to conduct business as usual or will it significantly impact your ability to communicate and sell goods? 

Most businesses use the internet to support their ordering, credit card processing, and their business communications. If the internet goes out, you’ll have to shut the doors until it comes back. It’s not like the old days when you could simply fire up a generator and get back to business. If you can’t answer the phones, take orders or process credit cards having the lights on really won’t matter.

What does an internet outage cost your business?

You might be thinking this doesn’t happen often, but what does a day of not doing business do to your P&L? What would a couple of days or even a week do? It’s that time of year when gale force winds will blow through the Midwest taking down trees, phone and power lines. Is your business at risk?  Is there anything that can be reasonably done about it?

Fortunately, there is a solution that isn’t a budget buster for small business. When the trees fall they take out wirelines, but mobile networks remain unaffected. Mobile internet is inexpensive and can even be purchased on an as-needed basis.  The real question is could I reasonably run my business on a 4G mobile connection?

4G LTE has download speeds of around 16 mbps which would be enough bandwidth to enable most small businesses to continue operations – at least temporarily. It’s certainly going to be better than closing all together or paying for a secondary ISP the business might never use.  Also, keep in mind that 5G is right around the corner and it will be ten times as fast.

Cellular failover to the rescue

The ideal internet failover solution would route internet traffic through the cellular network anytime there was an outage. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Good news is that it can be. Modern routers can sense when the Internet is not available and can be programmed to route traffic in a different direction when an outage occurs.

Anytime the wired network exhibits problems a cellular failover can kick in and buy you time to troubleshoot and remediate problems without interrupting critical business operations. This drastically reduces recovery and downtime and saves your business significant cost.

A cellular failover solution is well within the reach of most small businesses and cellular plans can charge minutes on an as used basis. This ensures the monthly cost aligns with the benefit the business receives.

All small businesses should have some form of business continuity plan that includes maintaining an internet connection. This is especially true for retail stores, whether a standalone location or national chain, which have far too much to lose by closing their doors every time the internet fails.

Why tolerate internet downtime when you can keep your business up and running with a simple inexpensive solution. A cellular failover solution ensures transactions go through even when traditional wireline internet fails. To learn more contact us here.

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