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Dental Practice Phone Systems

Effective Dentist Patient Communications Key to Success

Make the Right First Impression

The first live contact anyone in your dental practice will have with a new patient will likely be your dental practice phone systems. This is why it’s important to have a well thought out dental communication strategy.

During office hours it is important to have enough phones and people to ensure the majority of calls are answered by a live person. If a call can’t be answered by a live person a high quality Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) should guide the patient’s actions. Many dentists are now turning to virtual assistants as a secondary answering source and only using the IVR as an alternative of last resort.

CIT offers dental practice phone systems that scales to a dental practice of any size. CIT offers high-quality voice, text, and IVR solutions along with a live receptionist option for after-hours support.

Dental Practice Management Phone Systems

Reduce No Shows


American Journal of Medicine

A recent study by the American Journal of Medicine found the 23% standard no-show rate dropped to 13% when patients received a personal call from a practice staff member.

Over 32% of dental practices listed no-shows as their greatest concern in a recent study. A 41% drop in no-shows can equate to a significant financial gain for any dental practice.  

CIT offers state of the art dental practice phone systems and text solutions for dental patient reminders.

The Average Dental Practice Saves 60% Using Cloud Based Phone Systems

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When it comes to dentist patient communications there is clearly no consensus for on channel preferences. Text, email and phone reminders all rank closely in popularity.

Dentists need to make sure they have high quality options for all preferred patient communication channels.  CIT complements any dental practice software with high-quality phone systems and text solutions.

No Preference for

Dentist Patient Communication

Text 30%
Phone 25%
Email 28%
Mail 17%
Dental Practice in a Pocket using VoIP Phone Systems

Take Your Dental Practice Phone Systems Anywhere

Let’s face it, the dentists aren’t always in the office when their patients need them. CIT enables the dentist to contact  patients or have them reach the dentist anywhere using a smartphone.

Sync  patient contact information and schedule to the dentist’s phone and use the CIT mobile app to send or receive calls, text, and voicemail using the office phone number from anywhere.

Enjoy Cloud Advantages

Other professionals have been enjoying the benefits of the cloud for years, and now dental practices can do the same. The CIT dental practice phone systems offer:

  • Rich Features
  • Reduce Cost
  • Scalability
  • Disaster Recovery
Cloud Benefits for Dental Practices
Grow Your Dental Practice using a Good Phone Systems

Grow Your Dental Practice

Building a practice takes patience. The first step in building a strong practice is to be easy to be found and contacted. This takes a combination of marketing and communication services.

To build momentum a thriving dental practice needs word of mouth. To build word of mouth you’ll need a great customer experience. This involves more than the time the patient spends with the dentist.

Let CIT make every contact with your dental practice easy and painless.

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Dental Practice Phone Systems
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