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School Phone Systems

Schools and libraries throughout North America are reducing their education technology costs and getting rid of troublesome in-house school phone systems with CIT’s hosted VoIP phone systems for education.

CIT’s hosted VoIP phone service offers schools and libraries all the advanced features of large institutional school phone systems at a price affordable to any education technology department.

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School Broadband Solutions

According to a recent study, only 59% of schools and 53% of students have adequate broadband access as defined by the FCC. Although this is an improvement in education technology over previous years, it still puts almost half the students in the US at risk. As the Federal Communications Commission observed, “digital literacy is a necessary life skill, much like the ability to read and write.”

Multimedia Internet-enabled education technology facilitates personalized instruction, which improves learning outcomes. These services use video, animation, sound, and interaction to help students learn. High-capacity broadband is increasingly necessary to use these tools. Some services even offer real-time tutoring by connecting students to a live tutor through video conferencing.

CIT provides education technology to bring school and administrative office wireless and wired network access up to date. Our solutions include structured cabling, configuring routers, switches and other network devices, installing updates, bandwidth management, security management and much more.

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School Security Systems

Schools today face an unprecedented challenge when it comes to violence, vandalism, and even sometimes terrorism. Students, teachers, and school staff should feel safe as they go about their daily life. A school security systems are critical to safeguarding education institutions and creating environments where students can thrive.

CIT school security systems provide access control and monitor school grounds. Video surveillance systems not only monitor but also discourages bad behavior before it becomes a problem simply by being present. When an unfortunate incident occurs school security systems are an invaluable tool in investigating them.

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