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Government Phone Systems

Government Phone Systems
Cost and Expense Management

CIT offers hosted government phone systems providing flexible cost structures with fixed and predictable monthly expenses. Government agencies have found hosted government phone systems to be well aligned with their existing budgets, purchasing policies, and procurement agreements.

Hosted government phone systems require no capital, reduce or eliminate agency expenses on long-distance and inter-office calling, and enable phased deployments making it easy for agencies to target departments that will get the most benefit first.

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Improve Citizen Experience
and Increased Productivity

Citizens want the government agencies spending their tax dollars to be responsive and efficient. Agencies recognize that answering questions quickly and with minimal hassle is a key to keeping and improving citizen satisfaction.

CIT’s hosted government phone systems enable agencies to receive calls from citizens and get them to the right person quickly whether that person is in or out of the office.

Government Phone Systems for Excellent Customer Service

Affordable State and Local Government Phone Systems

Government Phone Systems for Disaster Recovery Center

Continuity & Disaster Recovery

When disaster occurs it is often critical for government agencies to rapidly mobilize and deploy resources. Two key advantages of a hosted government phone service is its ability to scale rapidly and the ability to quickly setup remote facilities and move lines to where they are most needed.

Whether you are setting up a temporary site in a “safe zone”, or needing to rapidly move employees from one location to another, CIT’s hosted government phone systems give you the flexibility and resiliency you need to effectively communicate and support citizens during a disaster or major event.


Effective government is dependent on reliable communications. CIT staffs its facilities 24X7 continually monitoring, and fine tuning system performance, and detecting potential problems before they occur. We take proactive and preventative action before you even know there is an issue.

CIT offers a fully redundant hosted network designed to provide dial tone and advanced services irrespective of any system failures.

The local advantage of Government Phone Systems
Government Phone Systems for Safety and Security

Safety & Security

There has been a rash of high profile cyber security crimes in the US, recently heightening the need for all government agencies to pay close attention to security.

With hosted government phone systems, the service provider makes sure the communication system is secure, eliminating the need for agencies to invest in training their own security personal. CIT takes security seriously. We constantly monitor our systems for security threats. We also leverage the latest hardware and software solutions to minimize cyber security vulnerabilities, and have a full disaster recovery plan in place.

We register all phones with an E911 location so in the event of a disaster or major event first responders will know exactly where 911 calls originate.

The Local Advantage

Many state and local government agencies have experienced the challenges and frustrations of deploying and implementing large communication systems.

Fortunately, with hosted government phone systems the deployment is simplified on the customer’s end. CIT leverages a pre-existing infrastructure which is constantly monitored and fine-tuned for performance by highly trained telecommunications experts.

On the customer end CIT relies on a network of local telecommunications service partners to expertly handle onsite issues. The local advantage sets CIT apart from many of its competitors.

Government Phone Systems for Customer Satisfaction
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