Harnessing the Power of Gigabit Networks

Gigabit Networks perform at 1000 Mbps (Megabits/Second) and are set to become the new standard for connectivity. In simple terms, Gigabit Networks increase a business’ ability to access important files, data, applications or services which require high-bandwidth connectivity, like streaming to devices without interference or latency.

As more businesses migrate and rely heavily on the cloud, gigabit speeds help facilitate the transition. Gigabit Networks create faster performance across the board. This enables businesses to run from the cloud, while simultaneously accessing applications, software, virtual private networks (VPN) and other data seamlessly.

With gigabit speeds a small business can store its files in the cloud, and not wait around for bandwidth when they access them. For businesses using video-conferencing solutions, this means no more fuzzy, pixelated pictures or dropped calls.

Gigabit Networks improve virtually every single device on the network, for a minimal expenditure. This opens the floodgates for businesses to run their entire operation from the cloud and virtualize their entire IT infrastructure.

Gone are the days when you needed to store large files or run applications locally to ensure productivity. With Gigabit Networks applications respond like they are in the phone closet down the hall. There is no need to invest capital in servers and maintain in-house IT staff.

Moving to gigabit is like going from horse-drawn carriages to Formula One cars. Your competition will need more than luck to keep up.

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