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Healthcare Phone Systems

Addressing the Competitive Needs
of Healthcare & Medical Practice

Healthcare is a competitive market with patients having many alternatives to choose from. The healthcare industry is also highly regulated creating its own operating challenges. Providers must offer competitive services and operate very efficiently just to break even.

Healthcare phone systems are the life’s blood of a medical organization’s communication from scheduling appointments and answering billing questions, to helping key personnel connect in urgent situations. Healthcare phone systems need to be kept current to ensure efficiency, and must be extremely reliable to support the critical care needs.

CIT takes the complication out of your medical practice phone systems by providing feature rich phone services, maintaining the hardware and software for you, ensuring it is compliant, updated, available, and that monthly bills are affordable and predictable.

Improve Patient Engagement

Patients have many choices of providers these days and their expectations are very high. To secure and engage patients providers need phone systems that get patients to the information or personnel they need efficiently.

CIT’s hosted VoIP healthcare phone systems for medical practice provides a central solution to connect patients to appointment management, billing support, test results, and helps patients and personnel connect in urgent situations.

Phone Systems for Healthcare and Medical Practice

Healthcare Phone Systems Improve Patient Satisfaction and Medical Practice

Healthcare Phone Systems, VoIP for Medical Practice

Enable Staff Mobility

When operating multiple medical offices, clinics, and hospitals it can be challenging to locate staff when you need them.

With CIT your medical staff’s mobile phones become an extension of your centralized communication services. Locate staff members regardless of location by ringing their desk and mobile phone at the same time, or using CIT’s “Find Me” feature to locate staff at up to five locations.

Nearly 90% of physicians use smartphones in their practices for professional purposes

Unite All Locations with a Hosted
VoIP Healthcare Phone Systems

Offer a central telephone access point for connecting patients and their family members to services and care coordination. Unite all locations with one hosted VoIP phone system, from central offices to remote clinics.

CIT’s solutions are cost-effective, efficient in identifying patient needs, and effective at supporting and triaging callers to appropriate services.

Unite All Locations for Healthcare Providers and Medical Practice
Maximize Efficiency of Healthcare Service and Medical Practice

Maximize Efficiency & Improve
Security of Medical Practice

Gain efficiency by eliminating the cost of procuring and maintaining in-house phone systems. Remove lines or locations when it makes sense. CIT’s hosted VoIP systems scale as your network scales without unexpected capital requirements.

Protect vital patient communications from cyber threats and ensure continuity of operations by simply subscribing to CIT.

The Local Advantage

Many healthcare providers have experienced the challenges and irritations of deploying and implementing healthcare phone systems.

Fortunately, with CIT’s healthcare phone systems, getting started is made easier on the customer’s end. CIT utilizes an existing infrastructure which is continuously monitored and fine-tuned for performance by highly trained telecommunications personnel.

On the customer end CIT relies on a network of regional telecommunications service providers to efficiently handle onsite challenges giving us a local advantage. The local advantage sets CIT apart from many of its competitors which have no local presence.

Ease Implementation of Healthcare Phone Systems
IT Managed Services
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