Top 5 Reasons Insurance Agents & Brokers Use VoIP Phone Systems

The insurance industry and particularly insurance agents and brokers are heavily reliant on telecom. Over the last decade Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems have become the favored choice of the industry. The following are the five reasons this industry has turned to VoIP.

Insurance Agents’ Mobility

The two most likely times a customer is going to want to talk to an insurance agent are when they need to make a claim or when they want to buy something. In either case you don’t want to miss the call.

This is why insurance agents and brokers like the VoIP phone system’s find me – follow me feature. “Find Me” is the ability to receive incoming calls at any location. “Follow Me” is the ability to receive calls at any number of designated phones, whether ringing all at once, or in sequence.

This VoIP phone system feature set allows agents mobility without the risk of missing important customer calls.

Voicemail to Email

Even with Find Me – Follow Me, there will still be times when insurance agents are simply not available to take a call. In these instances calls will go to voicemail.
Another key VoIP phone system feature insurance agents enjoy is routing voicemails to emails. This feature immediately notifies the insurance agent of the call. It also provides a level of flexibility in dealing with it. Agents can listen to calls when they break from meetings or other engagements and deal with them based on their level of urgency.

It’s Reliable & Simple

Insurance agents typically don’t have an IT staff backing them up. They need to be able to plug-in the phone and have it work. This is why insurance agents really like cloud based VoIP phone systems. These systems allow them to take their phone anywhere and simply plug it into the internet.

VoIP is very reliable and it really doesn’t matter if it’s a cloud or on premise phone system. The average uptime for a VoIP phone system approaches six sigma and you’ll see most providers publicly stating over 99% uptime. For insurance agents this is particularly important as calls tend to peak in times of bad weather and other forms of external disruption.

Time of Day Routing and Holiday Schedule

VoIP phone systems provide a great deal of flexibility in programming the system to meet an insurance agent or broker’s needs. During the day you can setup line hunting or find me follow-me as discussed above.

For afterhours and holidays you might have a completely different type of routing. You can even change greetings based on time of day, day of the week or a holiday schedule.

Reduce Costs

Like any business an insurance broker needs to pay attention to the cost of operations. The good news about VoIP phone systems are they typically save an insurance broker 60% over traditional telephony. Not only do brokers get more features, flexibility and reliability, but they also save money. It’s an equation driving the entire insurance industry to VoIP phone systems.