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Solid reliable telecom and IT teams are not built overnight. Your local government agency will benefit from our years of blending and molding the right team to meet your telecom, network, and IT needs.

local government agencies, courts, and law enforcement offices

Local Government Agency Phone Systems

Citizens want local government agencies spending their tax dollars to be responsive and efficient. Agencies recognize that answering questions quickly and with minimal hassle is a key to keeping and improving citizen satisfaction. CIT’s voice solutions enable local government agencies to receive calls from citizens and get them to the right person quickly whether that person is in or out of the office.

CIT offers flexible cost structures with fixed and predictable monthly expenses. Local government agencies have found hosted phone systems to be well aligned with their existing budgets, purchasing policies, and procurement agreements.

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local government agencies, courts, and law enforcement offices

Local Government Network Infrastructure

The communication demands on government network infrastructure are constantly increasing. There is a growing need to send and receive large amounts of information quickly and reliably, and new voice and security technologies are also taxing network bandwidth.

Effective design and implementation of network infrastructure is required to optimize performance and provide a foundation for growing network demand. Our copper, fiber and hybrid structured cabling solutions establish the foundation for a reliable network infrastructure.

We understand your need to squeeze every ounce of network performance from a tight budget. That’s why we offer secure, intelligent, cost-effective solutions that are scalable to future applications. For more than 30 years, we’ve provided smart, reliable network technology.

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local government agencies, courts, and law enforcement offices

Local Government Security Systems

With the rise of terrorist attacks and other threats securing government agencies, buildings and structures including courts, law enforcement facilities, military, airports, and regulators has become extremely important.  Door access systems and video surveillance are crucial components of any government security solution.

Door access systems allow government agencies an unprecedented degree of control. Local government agencies can grant employees access to privileged areas at predetermined times and log when and where certain cards are used, as well as where someone attempts to use them. Furthermore, when someone leaves your organization privileges can be revoked for all areas even if key cards are not returned.

Video surveillance systems for government facilities help monitor the movements of employees, visitors, and others inside and outside local government agencies, courts, and law enforcement offices. Their physical presence deters violence, theft, destruction of equipment and other forms of vandalism and keeps records safe.  Video surveillance systems also is a crucial investigative tool should a crime occur.

CIT is highly experienced in delivering dependable government security solutions for video surveillance and door access to government institutions and agencies. We are well versed in the day-to-day security threats faced by government organizations, and utilize our advanced skill set & service offerings to help minimize them. We offer detailed site evaluations, camera and door access demos, system configuration, installation support, and integration.

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