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School Phone Systems

Schools and libraries throughout North America are reducing their costs and getting rid of troublesome in-house education phone systems with CIT’s hosted VoIP phone systems for education.

More Features on Education Budgets

CIT’s hosted VoIP phone service offers schools and libraries all the advanced features of large institutional school phone systems at a price affordable to any school system.
Many K-12 schools and libraries don’t realize they are eligible for federal subsidies that could save them up to 90% off their school phone systems. VoIP phone services like the one offered by CIT , can be treated as a Priority 1 Telecommunications Service. Learn more here.

School Phone Systems

Save Up to 90% with E-Rate on School Phone Systems

School Phone Systems

Communication is Critical

CIT’s school phone systems help locate staff and let you know when they are available. Locate a teacher or administrator using the “Find Me” feature at up to five potential locations. Know when a teacher is present and available in a classroom and transfer calls as appropriate. Even conference multiple parties in on important conversations to ensure everyone’s opinion is considered on significant issues.

Predictable & Manageable Expenses

CIT makes significant investment into its infrastructure to maintain a competitive service in the market. With CIT’s education phone service you’ll never have a large capital expense again and monthly reoccurring charges will be consistent and predictable.

Education budgets often expand and contract based upon the economic and political climate. With CIT there is no penalty for reducing lines and new lines can be added with a simple call to our support desk.

School Phone Systems that is scalable to education budgets
School Phone Systems Ensuring Education Cyber Security

Safety & Security

Every phone has a registered E911 location so in the event of an emergency first responders know exactly where the device is that made the call. The location of your devices can be easily managed through our online portal should you need to make equipment moves.

CIT takes security seriously and maintains the latest hardware and software to minimize cyber security vulnerabilities. We also have full disaster recovery plans in place to address continuity issues in the event of a natural disaster.

The Local Advantage

Although CIT is a national service, it isn’t unusual that the people supporting your school system are local. CIT has a network of local partners throughout North America to support customers who need onsite assistance.

Often getting started is as easy as plugging the phones into your existing network, but in older school buildings it is not unusual that additional cabling is required. Whether you need additional cabling or onsite network troubleshooting CIT will be there to support you with friendly live support.

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