Small Business Phone Service

We’ll Assist You in Setting Up A Professional Greeting & Routing Rules Based on Your Business Practices

Auto Attendant


Welcome callers with a custom company greeting. Select a default greeting or have one professionally recorded.

Callers use their phone keypad to navigate to the appropriate employee or department. Route calls to extensions, mailboxes, groups, conference rooms, or call queues.

Multi Level of Attendants


Have multiple inbound greetings based on the number called?

Setup unique auto attendants for each inbound line and have calls routed to people, departments or call queues.

Customized to meet your business needs.

Schedule Greetings Options


Does the time of day or day of the week determine how you want to handle your callers? If so, setup auto attendants to answer with the appropriate greeting and programmed routing based on your business’ schedule.

You have control of your company’s greeting and routing.

Find Me


Set-up a personal assistant to “find you” at up to five locations.

This feature is configured per extension and offers an extensive number of options to route calls.

Callers announce themselves and choose the location.

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Call Management

All The Features You’ll Need From A Small Business Phone Service

  • Place Calls on Hold – have guest wait while you play music or a commercial.
  • Transfer Calls– to an extension group, or phone number after picking up the call.
  • Forward Calls – have your calls sent to a specific number when you’re away or busy.
  • Block Calls – block specific inbound or outbound numbers, or block employees from making calls.
  • Route Calls – based on the number dialed or specific conditions you setup.
  • Call Waiting – get an alert when a call is waiting and toggle between calls.
  • Instant Messaging – Promote teamwork and achieve higher efficiency and productivity with messaging learn more.

  • Do Not Disturb (DND) – Set your phone to automatically go to voice-mail versus ringing.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – Used to route calls in a call center environment to appropriate or available agents.
  • Call Queue – commonly used with an ACD to queue inbound calls until an agent becomes available.
  • Speed Dial & Redial – call the last number or set up pre-programmed numbers to dial.
  • Call Recording – selectively record calls for training or documentation purposes.
  • Office Intercom– dial another users extension activating their phone speaker to make an announcement.
  • Voice Mail – when you’re not available have callers record a message that you can retrieve later.

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“We really like the flexibility your hosted service offers our staff and the monitoring and reporting that it provides our management. We would definitely not have the success with the system if it were not for your support.”
Keith L. Morris, Elder Law Of Michigan, LLC.
“Great salesmen always work in the best interest of their clients, and that is just what you did. I would never hesitate to recommend you to friends and colleagues. I am confident you would take great
care of anyone!”
Nicole Bouchard Kroll, Top Flight Financial
“As an early stage tech company we needed to get phones to support our customers and a fax line for legal and accounting. Getting these in place was a breeze and your organization was simply fantastic to work with.”
Ally Hansen, Sumarize News


Engage Multiple People Within A Single Call From Your Small Business Phone Service

Conference Calling


Add another party to your call and have a 3-way conference. A 3-way conference call can be created with an active call or a call on hold.

Adding additional parties to calls is a great way to collaborate with co-workers.

Conference Bridge


When you need to have a call involving four or more parties you can use the conference bridge.

The conference bridge allows you to engage multiple on-site or outside callers simultaneously in a password protected conference call. Callers can mute themselves during the call or even be assigned talk-listen or listen only access to the call.


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And Much More…

All The Features You’ll Ever Need From Your Small Business Phone Service

International Rates

CIT offers competitive International rates made available through a reliable worldwide carrier.

Port Existing Numbers

If you have existing numbers there is no need to give them up. Our customer support agents will gladly help you transfer them

Vanity & Toll Free Numbers

Knock down barriers and improve your professional image with toll-free and vanity numbers.

911 Compliant

Every phone number has an associated E911 location registered through our online portal.

LAN Segmentation

Setup your network to separate or prioritize voice calls over other data transfers.

Accounting Reports

Access orders, invoices and all billing information using our online portal.

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Small Business Phone Service
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