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Underutilization Policy

The following minimum utilization requirement (“Utilization Commitment”) shall apply to end user dedicated 1+ outbound service and end user Dedicated 8xx Inbound Service:

No Complete Interactive Technologies (CIT), Inc. port for any Service (“Port”) to which any dedicated access loop (“DAL”) is connected may have zero traffic utilization for thirty (30) consecutive days following the first three (3) calendar months after connection of the Port to the DAL.

If the Customer violates the foregoing Utilization Commitment, CIT may, in its sole discretion, disconnect the DAL from the Port. This will not excuse Customer from paying the monthly charge for such Loop or release Customer from any monthly usage commitment set forth in any applicable CSO.

If in any applicable monthly or annual period, Customer’s total utilization is less than the Utilization Commitment, Customer shall pay CIT an underutilization charge (“Underutilization Charge”) equal to the difference between the Utilization Commitment and Customer’s total utilization of the applicable Service for such monthly or annual period. Such payment shall be in addition to any current usage or recurring monthly charges and shall be paid within thirty (30) days of Customer’s receipt of an invoice containing such Underutilization Charge(s). Customer hereby agrees that the Utilization Commitment and Underutilization Charge(s) are reasonable.

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