Why do small businesses need video surveillance systems?

The price of video surveillance systems has steadily dropped over the last several years. Most small businesses can now afford it, but does you really need it? This article explores the benefits of a small business security system.

First, let’s get some old ideas out of everyone’s heads. We’re not talking about cameras wired to a tape recorder that produces grainy black and white video. Those systems have gone the way of the cassette tape. Today’s video surveillance systems use IP cameras, over a standard office network, and recording are full color HD video.

Monitor Business Operations Anywhere/Anytime

With current video surveillance systems, a small business owner or manager can monitor business operations anywhere/anytime using a computer or smart phone.

Let’s face it, people behave better when they feel they are being watched. Cameras provide this type of presence when the owner or management of a small business is out of the office. This keeps employees on their best behavior. It also minimizes employee theft and other forms of inappropriate activity.

Many businesses find they can improve productivity by letting departments in remote locations monitor related activity. Why send updates when someone can quickly look-in and see what is happening in a remote area?

Video surveillance systems also help resolve employee disputes by eliminating “he said – she said.” Why waste time listening to opposing stories, when you can simply go back and see what happened?

Last but not least, if your small business involves physical labor you’re at risk for injury claims. Video surveillance systems can eliminate many, if not all, false claims. They also help you understand the circumstances of an actual injury so you can act to avoid a repeat event in the future.

Any of the above reasons could provide a small business a nice return on a video security system. Now let’s turn our attention to the criminal element.

Reduce Vandalism, Theft and Increase Security

Prominently placed security cameras make criminals think twice before acting. Why take a risk of being seen on camera when you can burglarize a business without them? It’s the modern day equivalent of a guard dog. Studies have shown that cameras reduce both vandalism and theft.

Should an incident occur, video provides important investigative evidence. Video evidence might produce a face, height and even the race of a criminal in the act. Don’t just take our word for it, recently the city of Clinton Township (home of CIT) mandated small businesses install video security cameras. The sheriff’s office recognizes these systems reduce crime and provide evidence that can be used to investigate and prosecute crimes.

Video Surveillance Shows You Care

Lastly, the presence of a video surveillance system shows employees and customers you care about their safety and security. It’s a constant reminder that you’ve taken pro-active action.

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  1. It’s so true that people tend to behave better when they feel like someone is watching. I remember a teacher testing this out in his class by painting the lid of a slurpy cup black and taping it the ceiling. The students acted a whole lot better than usual. I can see why small businesses would benefit from installing a surveillance camera.

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