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4G Internet Education Program for Small Business

December 13, 2017



Leading Managed IT Services Provider Finds New Way to Strengthen Internet Performance

December 13, 2017, Clinton Township, MI, Complete Interactive Technologies, Inc. (CIT) a leading provider of Managed IT Services announced today the company is launching an awareness campaign to educate small businesses about the importance of 4G Internet as a backup to Wide Area Networks (WANs).

Many small businesses are moving to the cloud to support an increasingly mobile workforce. This seismic shift has been met with growing frustration due to frequent internet outages, especially over Wide Area Networks. To support the growing mobile needs of employees and vendors, small businesses need to better understand the power of 4G Internet. As a trusted technology advisor, CIT  is launching an education program to help small business owners leverage the power of 4G Internet as a backup to WANs.

Many small businesses simply view WAN (Wide Area Network) outages as inevitable. This is no surprise as leading studies show businesses lose up to 14 hours per year due to IT downtime. WAN outages frequently cause significant losses, in terms of tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, and missed opportunities. To avoid these losses, business owners traditionally added analog lines to ensure staff could answer phones and conduct business. However, with today’s cloud business phone systems this is no longer an option.

CIT recommends using 4G cellular networks, as a backup to a traditional WAN.  4G Internet can serve the bottom-line goal of keeping employees productive, regardless of connectivity issues. The goal of using 4G Internet as a backup is to provide a network path for remote access when the primary link is down. With Internet outages inevitable, it simply makes sense to avoid a single point of failure. While it is still advisable for small businesses to utilize their existing networks as a primary resource, it’s important to have a failover.

“Our clients need Internet redundancy, but don’t have large budgets. 4G Internet is an affordable WAN backup that ensures businesses remain productive during a WAN outage,” stated Mike Meldrum, CEO of CIT. “Our goal is to educate and advise our customers on innovate ways to use technology to their advantage.  We believe 4G as an Internet WAN backup is often overlooked as a viable redundancy option for small business. Many small businesses will find great value in this education program.”

As small business continues to move its infrastructure to the cloud it creates an even heavier demand on networks. Employees have come to expect an “always on” Internet and without it many employees simply can’t do their jobs. 4G cellular networking is a reliable mature technology. When paired with a high-performing WAN, 4G as an Internet backup simply makes sense for businesses that take their productivity seriously.

About CIT:

Complete Interactive Technologies, Inc. (CIT) is a Managed IT Services provider offering structured cabling, network infrastructure, cloud migrations, mobility, business phone systems, AV solutions and business security systems to mid-size and small businesses. CIT will keep your business premises, network, communications, and IT systems secure, optimized and available. We’re big enough to offer the technology and services you need, while acting small providing local implementation and ongoing support. Learn more at www.cit-4u.com or contact us at 586-439-2000.

About Complete Interactive Technologies, Inc. (CIT)

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